Wavy Hairstyles that need Time

Wavy Hairstyles that need Time

Wavy hairstyles need harder care and work. For example, if you have naturally wavy hair and you want to go for braiding, which would look cool. A high ponytail hairstyle also looks great with wavy hair. You can follow some amazing tips for wavy hair. You also need to check the level of grease and oil in your hair. Before adopting wavy hairstyle, don’t forget to wash and condition your hair. That would remove dirt and oil from your hair.

Flip your hair upside down and then scrunch your hair using a good gel or mousse. At times you may require a mousse. Next, if you leave your hair uncombed after washing them, that would give you natural curls. Leave hair for some time and after some hours, you will find natural curls. These curls are natural. You can also go for electric curling if you have an electric rod at home.

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Remember one thing that wavy hairstyles need some time. They need more time than the time straight hair usually need. You can also go for half straight and half wavy hairstyles. The top of the hair is first ironed and then bottom of the hair are worked to be made wavy. After this is done, some pins can be used or you may keep your hair open without any pin or catcher. To restore the hairstyle, use some good hairspray on them. If your hair is very silky, the waves can be lost easily. Hairspray holds your hairstyle firmly for hours.

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You can also check the size of the hair curls. Use medium sized curlers if you want to avoid big waves or little waves. Medium sized waves look great with everyone. A combination of first blow-drying and then curling also creates a nice image. Some bangs can also be used of you have thick and heavy hair. A dramatic kind side swept effect also looks cool with a pin or braid. Use a hair balm or hair shiner for such wavy hairstyle. If your hair looks dull and shine less, spray some good hair shiner to make them shiny and silky.

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You can also use some nice hair shine serum or balm for this purpose. A super moisturizing shampoo and conditioner should always be used to give a healthier look to hair. You can also wave your hair section wise. Divide your hair first and then start putting waves. After you are done, some spray must be used to restore waves. A hair settling spray must be used with wavy hairstyles to give them a natural look and shine. You can also use 40s pin up kind wavy hairstyle after your hair is washed and dried properly.


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