Very Short Hairstyles

Very Short Hairstyles

Almost all women can wear short hair elegantly. The secret is to find the right cut for your shape of face and texture of hair. In this article I will help you in figuring out which cut will suit you best.If you have very curly hair, then you may look better with longer hairstyle. I would tell you through this article how you would look great with very short hairstyles and reasons why you should go for such styles.First rule when choosing very short hair styles is to choose a haircut that helps in making your face shape flatter. Short cuts are popular because of the fact that they enhance your facial features thus making you appear more attractive and elegant. Here I will be sharing some tips with my readers.

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The bob has continued to be the trendiest of hair style these days. Almost all women can wear a bob, except those women with very curly hair. This style mostly works well on straight hair but looks fantastic on wavy hair too. With the right choice of haircut, a bob will look nice on your hair. I usually get my hair cut into chin-length bob this length lasts 3 months for me, thus saving tons of money I would otherwise be spending on a saloon. It then grows out into cute long bob.

When Rihanna went from to very short hairstyles, the fashion world followed her footsteps. Soon some other celebrities followed her. Edgy cuts provide us the most dramatic statement and symbolize strength of women. Pink’s very short hairstyle is one of the most popular haircuts these days.

So can you get away with a punk cut? The secret lies in your personality and the texture of your hair. You should have an edge in your dress and in your personality to pull off a funky punk cut; otherwise you will end up looking like a woman with a bad haircut. If you see a cut you would like to have, and then you should consider the fact that can your hair texture handle it? Fine hair will get flat without hair products whereas curly hair will pouf up if they are cut too straight. Consult your stylist before you get a funky haircut.

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Not all short hairstyles are low maintenance. These are actually the hardest cuts to maintain, which is something you have to consider when getting a haircut. You must get your hair them trimmed every 6 weeks, you have to use styling products in order to keep them in good shape whereas if u have wavy textured hair then you will have to invest in a hair straightener as well.

Whether you are looking for a cut that’s funky, sexy, cute or sweet there are many cuts available. It seems women really love the haircuts, because very short hairstyles are in popular demand.

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