Undercut Hairstyle

In undercut hairstylethere is a flip a section to reveal your scalp, by wearing this style you are usuallychanneling tough and punk vibe. It givesyou a safe, everyday look and an instantaneously rebellious, dangerlady effect. Skater boys of the nineties are responsible for pioneering this look, but glamorous pop stars likeRihanna and Cassie get the credit for makingit something we might adopt. This versatile style can be faked by using braids or can be shellacked with some gel, but you should not confuse the undercut with a cropped, buzzy hairdo like Miley’s style or Tilda’s style, because, the undercut is about not having to commit to some radical look.

You can find pictures of ladies carrying the undercut hairstyle with elegance through internet or magazines.What can be bolder and trendier than the undercut hairstyle? This rocker-chic hairdo adds tons of personality and femininity to any women. If you think you can’t pull off this daring hairstyle? Think again as there are many variations of undercut hairstyles for short and long hair.
If you want to add punk look to your hairstyle, then try an undercut hairstyle for long hair. There is a contrast between shaved underside of hair and long locks which help in creating, a glamorous and unforgettable hairstyle. You can keep undercut shaved part close to the head or just a bit longer for creating a slightly softer look

Whether you have long hair or short hair, you should definitely play with some color. Add bright colors to your hair, like green, purple or pink. If your undercut style is slightly longer, then you can dye the undercut section of hair to look dark or light than the rest of your hair. This hairstyle can be as outrageous or even girly there are many ways to make it creative.

For girls with short hair, half shaved undercut is the best choice. There is an undercut style in which you only have to shave part of hair or half of your head. With short hair, undercut style will be able to stand out easily.
When it comes to styling undercut style for short hair, you have many options. You can keep rest of your hair spiky and straight for something more edgy, or you can add soft texture orwaves to your hair for something that is little less punk rock. The undercut style also looks great if you possess short hair with long bangs. The contrast between hair lengths looks great.
When it comes to styling undercut hairstyle for long hair, try to create big curls and add lot of volume to your hair. To create this style, start by applying some curl boosting mousse then damp hair before blow-drying. Once your hair is dry then sweep long hair to one side. This will help you style your side swept curls. Remember you want lots of curls, waves and volume in order to make your undercut the center of focus.

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