Simple Hairstyles

Simple Hairstyles

I have a few requirements concerning my hairstyles like hair should be out of my face, be off from the back of my neck, and they should stay in place. I would share some of my favorite simple hairstyles that look cute any time of the day whether working or going on a date.

You can make these styles without using any fancy tools or products of stuff. An easy way to dress up in a classic way is by gathering hair in a ponytail and securing the pony with elastic. Take some hair from the bottom and pull them out of the elastic. Twirl your hair wrap them around the base of your ponytail thus covering the elastic. Secure it with a hair pin. This simple hairstyle looks really elegant.

simple hairstyles-001 simple hairstyles-002

Gather your hair in a ponytail with hand on the top of head and start to twist hair towards right. Keep twisting hair into a coil. Take last bit of hair and twist it all into the coil close to the scalp.

There is another simple hairstyles in which you can divide hair into three portions that is left, right and center. Tie center and one side so they are out of the way. French braid the other portion of the hair.Divide into three portions. Put the right portion over the center portion and then take the left portion over that portion. Add hair to right portion and cross it over the center portion, until you have reached the back part of your head. Secure the braid with a hair pin. Repeat with other side portion of hair, afterwards braid the center portion. Gather your hair in a ponytail or bun.

simple hairstyles-005 simple hairstyles-004

When you don’t have of time or pins, side braid is a quick, easy way to hair away from your face and neck. Part your hair on the left side and gather under your right ear. Braid  your hair and secure with an elastic band.

The side braid will help in adding a polished look;you can keep bangs or long layers and allow a ponytail or bun in the back of the head at any height you like. Part hair on the left and make portion which is about one finger width of hair from your forehead back and from the part to right ear. Secure rest of the hair out of your way. Divide hair into three parts at the parting. Weave left piece of hair over center piece, then weave right piece of hair over the center piece. Take the left piece, and add more hair from the left, weave it over the center part. Keep French braiding and adding some more from each side as you are braiding, until the braid runs out of hair. Secure your braid with a hair pin, un clip rest of the hair, and gather all hair into a ponytail.

Simple Hairstyles help in saving a lot of time and cost at the same time making you feel comfortable.

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