Side Hairstyles

Side Hairstyles

Side Hairstyles look great at a wedding or a prom these are exciting events in the life of a girl.I love it when women are fearless when it comes to experimenting with hairstyles. Experimental hairstyles are my favorite topic. You don’t always require a haircut or hair color for a makeover for looking fresh and different. All you require to do is use your brain and play around with your existing haircut.

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For this hairdo you require wavy or curly hair. If your hair is straight then get yourself a curling rod. You also require some styling gel, pins, brooch, hairband or any other kind of hair accessories that are available.Try and sweep your hair to one side. Once you have done that, pin opposite side up. Apply styling gel for it to stay intact. Now, you can leave the hair as it is or further experiment with it. Make a braid out of the hair or leave some part on sides to give a messy look. You can also make a pony of the hair and give it a retro look. Another side hairstyle can be a side bun which looks amazing.Once hair is done you can accessorize yourself with hair brooches or hairbands. You should not be too afraid to experiment.Side hairstyles are kind of addictive. You can pin up your hair or just braid it down. It works wonderful both ways. If you are blessed with beautiful natural curls then you should try this style out.Side sweep hair, tie them loosely. Pull few face framing pieces and put some styling gel. To get this hairdo, you need a curling iron and styling gel. Roll hair around curling iron in thick strands. Run fingers through your hair and separate curls. Once you have done this, sweep the whole hair to a side and pin it up for it to stay still at the same place. Use styling gel in order to get a long lasting effect.

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Selena Gomez, Ashley Tisdale and Vanessa Hudgens are are some actresses who have been spotted wearing this look. It is super easy and elegant. I love Vanessa’s hairdo where she wears mixed bangs with fishtail braid finished with the hairband that adds to cuteness of the hairstyle.

You can play around with your side hairstyles creating a master piece that looks brilliant and elegant. Such hairstyles improve a person’s overall outlook. Ideas for these hairstyles can be achieved from internet, magazines,media and your hairstylist.Most important thing about getting these hairstyles is finding the style that suits your face shape and hair texture.

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