Shag Hairstyles

Shag Hairstyles

Shag Hairstyles can be defined as hairstyle that has been layered to different lengths. It was created by a person named barber Paul McGregor. The layers are mostly feathered at the top and sides. The layers help in making hair full around the crown section of the head, and the hair then thins into fringes around the edges. This unisex hairstyle gained popularity after being worn by different celebrities like Rod Stewart,Joan Jett,Mick Jagger,Florence Henderson in 1970,Jane Fonda and David Cassidy. During the year 1990 Jennifer Aniston helped in popularizing this hairstyle as The Rachel hairstyle in popular series Friends. Meg Ryan got shag in the early 2000.

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Shag hairstyles have been practiced for many years now.It has become versatile over the past decades. Created in the 1970 by a barber named Paul McGregor, it was first spotted by Jane Fonda. It’s a cut layered in different lengths.

This style usually results in making your hair look fuller around the crown region of the head and then tappers into thin fringes near the ends. It gives volume to thin hair and helps in thinning out hair that are too thick and bushy. This look is relaxed, textured look which has been worn by many famous celebrities from rock stars to actresses and actors. This is a unisex style that can be achieved by male or female. It was designed to be a shorter cut but has it has evolved into shaggy bobs and long cuts.

Shag hairstyles can be achieved by any age group, but it is more popular among women in 30’s and older than that. This is style creates a youthful appearance. Because of the versatility it provides in length, it’s a good cut for people with oblong, diamond, round, square, rectangular and heart shaped faces.

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Your stylist can best inform about the length and style of shag would best suit your face shape features. It is very easy to maintain and style, making it great choice for busy mom’s or career women who are always on the go. It provides a funky, casual and carefree appearance so to pull it off in the right manner it is best worn by individuals who are confident and who want to look trendy. It is not a style for you if you are looking for an elegant,neat and sophisticated hairstyle

Shag hairstyles can be cut in short length to frame the face, adding more volume to hair. Medium length shags have more layers thus give more volume. Long shag hairstyles are bit rare and you need to be careful before adding too many layers because it can make the haircut look too strange and busy. For example is advisable to go with few layers in order to give a tapered look. Adding highlights and low lights to this style can help in emphasizing on the texture of shag hairstyle.

Shag haircuts can be curly and straight depending on the styling products you use and technique you use adopt.

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