Retro Hairstyles

Victory rolls were popular during the 1940’s. As far as retro hairstyles for women go, victory rolls were quite versatile as they can be performed eitheron short and long hair. There are many ways to wear victory rolls like on either side of a center part or worn just to one side for creating a more dramatic look. This look takes some time to master, but quick search on internet will lead you to plenty of helpful tips.

Finger wave styles were popular in the 1920s and 1930s. They are called finger waves because originally, this look was obtaining by pinching hair between fingers while hair were wet and hair combing in alternating directions before setting the style. The look is usually quite soft and feminine and many modern stars have been sported in this retro hairstyle on the red carpet.

Big hair style was a popular style trend on some recent designer runways and you can easily guess that they’ have taken inspiration from the bouffant style, which was quite popular in 1950s and 1960s. These retro hairstyles are perfect for women wanting to create the illusion of thicker and voluminous hair. But beware, that in order to achieve this style you will require a lot of time for backcombing hair and some amount of hairspray.

The beehive style was a popular symbolic retro hairstyle of the 1960s. Recently, it was an iconic and preferred hairstyle of late Amy Winehouse. Achieving this hairstyle will involve lot of teasing and backcombing and plenty of hairspray. If a sky high beehive is not your type of style you can always try more subtle one.

At the height of the year 1960s chic, pixie cut hairstyles were the rage thanks to girl’slikeas Mia Farrowand Twiggy. This is a cut that usually comes in and out of fashion quite a lot.These days this retro hairstyle thanks to celebrities likeEmma Watson and Michelle Williams, this style is very much in fashion.
The pompadour style originated in 18th Century, this style enjoyed retro reincarnation in the year 1940. This style includes sweeping up hair at the forehead then into a sort of quiff in order to create volume and height. This retro hairstyleis one of those styles that were adopted by men and women, and look equally stylish on both men and women alike.
You should channel your iconic blonde bombshell when trying this retro hairstyle. This hairstyle will work best on short hair and involves creating some tight curls by using a curling rod and then setting in place with hairspray.
There are many retro styling tutorials available on internet. Many retro styles can also be modified in order to suit more contemporary look.

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