Quick Weave Hairstyles

The most important benefit of quick weave hairstyles is that you can get them done when you have limited amount of time. You can achieve good results with in a short span of time. Gluing technique used for creating quick weaves for women, enables women to create weave hairstyle at home. You don’t need to maintain the hair weave. Hair weave can be removed without causing any damage to your hair. Here I will some tips for choosing hair weave that will help you in picking the right type of hair weave for you.

When it comes to choosing quick weave hairstyles for women, you should make sure that you go for the best quality of weaves available for getting a more natural looking hairstyle. Weaves can be expensive, so be careful while buying weaves. Remy hair or in other words 100% human hair are expensive and of highest quality. Also, you can go for hair type which can be curly, straight and wavy, hair type that is closest to your natural hair type. Because, if you have very curly hair and you go for perfect doll like straight hair, they will give an unnatural look. Some waves and curls might work better.

First thing to do is to shampoo and condition you hair then you should blow dry your hair. Then follow a beehive braiding pattern or split your pony into two parts and stick it to your scalp using some gel. If you have short hair you can comb them into a wrap style. If you have long hair, then use lot of bobby pins to secure them. Just make sure that your hair remains flat, before you start making quick weave hairstyles. Then use a dryer and let all the gel get dry out. Afterwards wear a wig cap in order to protect your hair and put a paper towel on them. Again wear a wig cap on this.

Then measure your hair weft that starts near the nape of the head and leave 2 inches space between the weft and bottom of your hair. Measure from one side of wig cap to the other side and cut the weft by using scissors. Apply bonding glue to the weave and stick it on the wig cap directly. Use a dryer to set the glue. This ways keep sticking the hair wefts until you have completed gluing all of your hair. Then you can custom style your hair by cutting it or making a braid, pony or any hairdo.
Even though, it is possible to attach a hair weave at home, it is always advisable to get it done by a professional if you have no prior experience in hair styling. You can book an appointment for some salon to get hair weave hairstyles, and get it done by a skilled hairstylist. This way you can get good results and avoid a bad hairdo. Also, the stylist will can help to select the right hair weave, which goes with you eye color and complexion. Plus, you will get useful tips on styling hair weave and other hair care instructions as well.
You should make sure that you choose the quick weave hairstyles which suit your complexion, for achieving a more natural hairstyle look.

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