Pink Hairstyles that suit your face shape

Before you go on dyeing your hair pink and try to find a hairstyle to match the color, you should first think about how long you will want to wear your hair that way you will be clear about the style you can carry easily.That is not the whimsical nature which inspires people to dye their hair pink but it is important to consider before this extreme color frames your face for some weeks to come. Once you have settled on the color then consider some pink hairstyles that suit your face shape and circumstances.

Full and luscious hair that usually goespast a woman’s shoulder can be dyed fully to pinkcolor; it looks like your natural hair color. Lily Allen is responsible for popularizing this look in Hollywood over the past few years and then pink went on creating a look that differed from her downtrodden and depressed look. You can add a ribbon to this pink hairstyle, or wear it with pink shoes in order to help it match; it will make people notice you when you walk in some room.

Short hair on a woman is usually a statement within itself, but dyeing your hair pink on top of the short length really draws attention of people towards you, as it will help make your head glow with a pink color. This is a good decision for woman who throws caution to the wind by cutting her hair short in the first place. Dyeing your hair pink is simply taking your styleto the next level by not worrying about what people think about the color and style of your hair, but showing off who you really are as a person.

If going all pink is too much of a statement to make at one time, which it is for most people out there, consider just getting a few locks of your hair dyed pink, so they can be seen below the top layer of hair on the head. This subtle pink dye will allow a woman to look fun as well aslay back, but also give you a serious look when your hair is pulled back. Some times less it is true that less is more when it comes to the color pink.

Growing slightly long hair and keeping them pink will allow you to take advantage of this bright color pink with many classic hairstyles. An obvious and classic pink hairstyle is making pink pigtails out of your hair, especially if it is a bit short. If it is long, like past your shoulders, consider making a pink braid, so that you look like punkish and fanciful version of the model Wendy’s. That is a great thing about having a pink hairstyle.These styles give you an out of this world look.

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