Mohawk Hairstyles

Mohawk Hairstyles

The Mohawk Hairstyles are referred to as a Mohican in English.This is a hairstyle in which, common variety, both head sides are shaven, leaving only a strip of noticeable long hair in the center. The Mohawk hair styles are also referred to as an IRO, referencing to Iroquois, from whom this hairstyle is derived. Throughout history the hair was plucked out rather than shaved. Hairstyles bearing these names more resemble hairstyles worn by the Pawnee, Mohican, Mahican or other phonetically similar tribes.

There are many different beautiful hairstyles for women that are simply breathtaking. If you want to change your hairstyle you can get cute Mohawk hairstyles for women which again have different styles that vary.

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Most of the hairstyles for women are created to mean something and send a powerful message to the world. One of the most popular hairstyles among African American ladies is Mohawk hairstyles for women. There are many different styles and techniques in it with which you can get a great looking hairstyle. But what do these hairstyles for women usually mean? For starters, I could say that this look is very powerful and it is worn by women who have strong personality and who are confident,independent and decisive. These hairstyles are designed for women who are fighters. But I bet you are interested in ways with which you can  stylize a Mohawk hairstyles.

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The styles are numerous. If you are not attached too much to your hair you can get a shaved Mohawk. This hairstyle will highlight your face and put some credits to confidence. Shaved look can make you look dangerous but you will also look amazingly, attractive and seductive. Then there is another type of Mohawk hairstyles for women and that is known as spiky Mohawk. It is the same as the shaved Mohawk, only that it does not involve head shaving, but makes spikes and pointy tops. It looks very elegant as well. If you have long hair but you can still love to get one of the hairstyles, try braided Mohawk. This hairstyle looks amazing. You will, however, need to create a base with cornrows. You can try many different braiding techniques; you will look cute and attractive with this Mohawk style.

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We know that celebrities like to try different hairstyles. I bet that you wonder how popular Mohawk hairstyles for women among the celebrities. One of the biggest Mohawk fan is Rihanna. She has been wearing Mohawk for a long time. Halle Berry was wore the spiky Mohawk at times during the course of her career as well. Mohawk gives women feeling of power and enhances the delicate and sensitive features of women.It is a must try hairstyle for all women.

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