Medium bob Hairstyles

Medium bob hairstyles are single most sought after haircut is undoubtedly. This is a statement cut which offers us universally flattering shape with is also of fabulous wash-and-wear quality. The roots of medium bob hairstyles can be traced all the way back to Cleopatra. This legendary Queen of Egypt wore blunt-edged, short-fringe hairstyle which was adorned with decadent jewels. During that era this hairstyle became distinctly associated with elite class and ruling-class women. Long hair styles prevailed amongcommon women.

It wasn’t back in fashion until the early 20th century when Irene Castle, who was a renowned American dancer and a trendsetter, caused a bigsensation by chopping her hair into a Bob style. Castle was responsible for popularizing the look with contemporary film stars like Louise Brooks, Colleen Moore, Clara Bow and famous fashion designer Coco Chanel. This departure from longer hair styles triggered a big revolution in 20th century American hair trend. Young women during that era rejected their traditional roles and lined up outside barber shops, in pursuit of the hair dressers, for getting the latest short cuts like medium bob hairstyles. In 1960′s, resurgence emerged from across the pond. In London Vidal Sassoon’s refined Bob achieved global popularity and notability for it semphasis on clean geometric lines. This iconic haircut was worn by Nancy Kwan,Grace Coddington, Mary Quant,Diana Ross and Peggy Moffitt, whereas Twiggy continued to influence many contemporary versions. Its increasing popularity is evident when celebrities like Katie Holmes and Victoria Beckham debut this headline-making hairstyle. You can wear it short, wear it long or try any medium bob hairstyles for getting a look that’s just right for you.
There are many different types of bob like an A-line Bob which is a chic cut and never goes out of style. Graceful flashes of caramel help in softening the structured shape of this bob.This medium length Bob hairstyle is also ideal for square, round and diamond-shaped faces. It easily works on a variety of hair types like medium, thick or coarse hair.

Another type of bob is soft, rounded medium length Bob style which gets a playful finish by flappy layers. Subtle shading helps in adding brilliant dimension to hair. Thishaircut is ideal for square; round and heart-shaped faces. This bob is great for fine and medium hair with any texture.

There is also a clean line and chin-length edition of bob which is juxtaposed by frayed edges. The steamy shade helps to draw you in for a moment of some delightful repose.This haircut is ideal for oval, round and heart-shaped faces. This bob is perfect for fine to medium length hair with straight texture or wavy texture.
Bobs have been in fashion for a long time and have been successful in captivating women all around the world.

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