Long Curly Hairstyles that are Fun

Long Curly Hairstyles that are Fun

After you plan to embrace a long curly hairstyle, perm gives you a permanent curly hairstyle. Natural waves or temporary curls can be formed with the help of a roller or iron curler. Some kind of layering can also be tested with long curly hairstyles. You can go for two or three layers depending upon the length of your hair. A frizzy look is there too. For long curly hairstyles, you can use a conditioning styling cream too.

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Long curly hairstyles can also be adopted with a ripple effect. This would give you long cascading long hair curls after you have washed and cleaned your hair properly. Use a round brush and long curling iron for this kind of long curly hairstyle. Divide hair in two sections. Start curling on section and then the other. Use big sized hair curlers for big and giant curls and use a silicone based serum to pull the hair out in the end. And use a shine spray if you have dry hair. Before going for a long curly hairstyle, blow drying always works best. Always use a round brush and don’t use a comb for such hairstyles.

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Use hot rollers and make curls. After that use side pins to make your face more visible. Bobby pins can also be used on sides or may be at both the sides if you have adopted centre partitioning. If your hair is too dry, sometimes you may use a thermal protective spray to avoid breaking and damage. If you have very thin hair, then use a volumizing hair spray so that it adds little volume to your hair.
Long curly hairstyles can only be adopted if you care a lot about your hair. You must also know the texture and size of your hair before adopting a hairstyle. A shine serum gives more glossy and shiny look to your hair. Too much ironing makes your hair dull, course and dry.

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Also check out some celebrities like Shania and Denise. Also remember that long curly hairstyles would require some use of hair products too. These may range from hair styling gels, mousses, serums and hair shiners. Long curly hairstyles can be side packed, left open, pinned, banged, half up or half down to add more elegance to them.

Long curly hairstyles are fun but they need more time and maintenance. Always check your pocket and budget before going for a long curly hairstyle. Depending upon the kind of your face and frame, curly hairstyles look really amazing after you experiment with them for some time. Uplifting curly hair also look great on oval shaped faces. You also use some hair curl creams fir long curly hairstyles. These fit with every face shape. A kind of wet or pump mousse can also be used if hair is too dry or coarse.

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