Jennifer Aniston Hairstyles

Sparking thousands of copies, of Rachel’s shaggy layered look, was simply the hair phenomenon of nineties. Jennifer Aniston turned 44 on February 11 even though she doesn’t look more than 30. Whether you love her from her TV show Friends or her countless movies she has made a name for herself.She is a big Hollywood celebrity and no doubt a fashion icon for many.Not only is she one of the most sought-after actors in Hollywood but she’s also a trend setter. She is one celebrity who has impeccably classic style and has looked gorgeous and chic like since the day she set foot on first red carpet.Jennifer Aniston hairstyles were the most sought after styles of the nineties

But it’s notJennifer Anistonstyle I am concerned with in this article. This might seem shocking to some people. We will be pondering what we love most about this star, her hair clearly end up winning. I am sureyou are familiar with the term Rachel cut. When Jennifer Aniston was in Friends workingas Rachel Green, she set off frenzy of women who were dying to get their hair cut just like her character Rachel. Probably that was the defining hair look for 1990’s, Aniston’s locks were the envy of women around the world.
Even after she’s past her Friends days, she still has most enviable hair in the whole Hollywood.Jennifer Aniston is known for her styles which have often been copied by women all around the world known asJennifer Aniston hairstyles. In her role of Rachel Green in the series Friends, she sported an updated shag haircut that ended up becoming her signature look for years. She is a naturally a brunette but prefers her hair to be blonde. Jennifer Aniston hairstyle at the 2013 Oscars was some what long and natural with deep side bang. Whether her hair is long and straight or cut in shag, Anistonsurely has hair that many women would love to have.
Jennifer Aniston’s hair wouldn’t stand out without her hairstylist Chris McMillan. Chris McMillan clearly remembers the time when Aniston walked into his L.A Salon with kind of frizzy hair with bangs.Chris McMillan Advised her that she was cute and she should grow her bangs out and get some highlights done. McMillan’s chunky highlighted and layered cut wrote history as the Rachel cut of course. But before McMillan became a go-to for Hollywood’s best celebrities like Cameron Diaz, Michelle Williams, and Sarah Jessica Parker etc.He was Aniston’s best friend. He is a Palm Springs native who has been in the business of styling hair for three decades now. He discovered the transformative powers that a haircut carries when he was just a boy.Aniston has a face shape that shouldn’t have bangs. Some people can carry bangs, but she has a small forehead which wider on the side. It’s all about the shape of the face. If you have a high forehead then you look great with bangs. If you have a little forehead believe me you are better off without bangs. It’s really very simple rule.
Jennifer Aniston is a style icon for many women around the world.Her Rachel look is bound to go in history books forever.Jennifer Aniston hairstylesare loved by women around the world.

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