Hairstyles for Oval Faces

Hairstyles for Oval Faces

The oval face shape has been held up on top of perfection pedestal. We always hear stylists talking about how the oval face shape is the perfect shape for face. Oval face shape is considered more versatile when it comes having haircuts and styles but the perfect face according to definition actually does not have anything to do with shape.Perfect shape depends on face ratio. An oval face shape is typically 3 parts long and 2 parts wide. In other words you can say that the, the width of your face is 1/3 lesser than the length of the face. There are no major corners of an oval face shape neither around the hairline nor around the jawline. You can find the chart for finding your face shape from internet. Let us discuss some great hair dos for an oval face shape.There are many Hairstyles for oval faces available that require minimum work.

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This is the place where the ovals may have a slight advantage in the race for best suited hairstyle. Playing with different updos is ideal for people with an oval face and is less work and here I will show you why. We always want to check face proportion and balance in the mirror when we doing an updo style, but oval faced people don’t have to worry about anything. Lucky for them, oval faced people can achieve almost any updo they like, for example waves,braid, chignon, top knot or satin turban headpiece of any kind.

Heavy and side swept bangs look nicest on an oval shape if there’s some volume behind it, especially with an updo hairstyle. With little or less volume behind heavy side sweep, an oval face can appear shortened. If you’re not a big fan of volume behind side swoop, try parting it more towards the center so it does not shorten your face much.This hairstyle for oval faces looks really nice and elegant. You can go sleek, beach textured and voluminous. Whatever you do just don’t overcrowd the face with hair.

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There is a rumor that a true oval shape can pull off almost any type of haircut, but I’m not going to prove this theory. You have to think about your features.Face shape isn’t the only thing that is important and a good hairstylist will make you aware of your face shape and suggest good hairstyles for oval faces. Just because you have an oval face shape does not mean that you can have any haircut so you have make sure you get the right haircut. Face features play an important part in determining the haircut that will suit you. Face shape and face features are a complete package that help in deciding the right haircuts for oval faces.

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