Funky Ponytail Hairstyles

Funky Ponytail Hairstyles

Ponytail hairstyles can be amazing and easily formed in summer. Sometimes when it is hot summer outside, you have to crush heat by keeping your hair tied up. Ponytail hairstyle is the best one for summers where you keep your neck free from sweat. This kind of hairstyle doesn’t stick with the back of your neck. Ponytail hairstyles are the best to beat scorching summer heat.

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The first category of this kind of hairstyle is the one that Beyonce keeps. That is a low ponytail hairstyle. This usually involves first straightening your hair and then putting them in form of a ponytail. A low ponytail also looks good. This kind of ponytail hairstyle is best for long and super silky hair. A section of your hair is wrapped from bottom and put in form of a ponytail.

Another form of ponytail hairstyle is wound down style. This gives a much bohemian kind look to your face. Side ponytails also look good with wound down style. A few loose pieces are kept open from face and the rest are shaped as a side ponytail. If you have streaked or highlighted hair, this kind of hairstyle also looks cool. Ponytail along with some pins can also be used with this kind of hairstyle.
Another one of ponytail hairstyles is teased crown hairstyle. You may call it a high ponytail hairstyle. Olivia Palermo uses this kind of hairstyle. A high ponytail looks good if you have a thin neck or if you are wearing some necklace. Also to avoid your neck from sweating, high ponytails are awesome. Taylor Swift uses a Frame by fringe kind of ponytail hairstyle.

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This kind of hairstyle often gives you a Barbie doll kind look. The front of your hair is cut short and kept open. The last half are taken and wrapped in form of a ponytail. This hairstyle suits black, golden, brown and blonde hair. Another ponytail hairstyle is light and airy. It is of course the simplest form of ponytail hairstyle. Just shampoo your hair and blow-dry them. Brush them and wrap them in a high ponytail. The simplest and the cheapest form of ponytail hairstyle it is. How about a slightly parted ponytail hairstyle? That is also amazing. First shampoo your hair and blow-dry them. Form a side partition with a comb. After partitioning is done, wrap hair in form of a low ponytail. This kind of hairstyle can also be formed with center partitioning.

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Another ponytail hairstyle is high and fluffy. Blow-dry your hair after washing them. Form hair curls with the help of a roller and wrap hair in form of a high ponytail. From the front of your face, leave some loose and curly locks. This looks classic with every face and frame.

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