Eyes, indeed! The most attractive facial feature of human body, it is often said to be “The mirror of the soul” that reflects and portrays the true nature of a person. They even communicate feelings at occasions where words fail to express.

Whenever we talk about enhancement of facial beauty, the first and the foremost thought in our mind is to do something with our eyes. Thus, artificial contact lenses to even classy spectacles are used. Countless make up accessories for eyes are available for this purpose; from eye liner to eye mascara, from eye-shades to eye-highlighters, even fake eye lashes are used to enhance eye beauty. On top of all these the varieties of eye makeup done by using all these things are wide ranging since every make up style leaves a diverse beautiful effect on different face sculptures.
Eye color is the vital part in beautiful eyes. Every one wishes for natural colored eyes but if they are not then artificial lens can do this part. Most people prefer such lens that give natural shade when merge with their own natural eye color. Bright over colored lens like purple, blue, brown are less preferred. Hazel, grey, and three toned lens are best selection for this purpose.

Eye make-up is one of the tools to modernize your look and enhance your beauty. There is several type of make up for eyes that even completely modify your original eye shape. You can make them look longer, bigger, sleek and smart. There are complete eye make-up kits available in the market for specific type of make up for eyes so that you do not have to buy every item separately. Funky eyes make up can be used with multi colored eye liners. Smokey eyes are very trendy these days. A combination of black silver and grey eye shades with eye liner and mascara applied gives attractive and modern look for your eyes.

Eyes-003 Eyes-005

It is not necessary to do such heavy make-up on your eyes all the time. You can give a modern look to your eyes by doing simple make-up techniques. For example eye pencil and eye liner applied with mascara can give you an attractive and fresh look to your eyes. You can do this in your daily life. You can save time by doing so.

Apart from these make up techniques, it is necessary to use some natural herbs to nourish your eyes to give them a soothing effect. Washing your eyes with rose water and cleansing them with milk are some of these techniques. Applying over make-up can cause harm to your eyes and form dark circles around them. Eyes are extremely important feature of your life, Without them there is simply darkness. So take good care of them by using the above techniques.

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