From the time man came into existence, he has been adapting different ways to cover his body i.e. to use as a dress. He used stones, leaves to modern variety of fabrics as a dress for himself. Formation of different regions around the world, grouping of human kind into different races even thinking modes of various people specified the usage of vast variety of dresses for different people.

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Considering religion as a point of difference, some dresses like shalwarkameez became famous among the Muslims and is considered a normal daily wear in these countries while the same dress is considered extremely cultural and unique if worn in western areas. On the same hand western dresses that do not cover your body appropriately are considered sinful for Muslims while they are obviously not even noticed as odd in western world.Now theregion itself selects the appropriate dress for its inhabitants. If one thinks he can make his own selection of dress and live comfortable then surely he is going to suffer. Hot areas demand light weight and loose fitting dresses while in cold regions a warm, thick dress is necessary to survive. Most of the time the styles of the prom dresses are same but fabric used for them are quite different and according to the demand of the weather of the region.

Dress styles are always changing. There is a chance that a dress that you bought a few days ago is now no longer in fashion or is in-appropriate according to the occasion or event. Thinking of event, everyone has his/her own dressing sense and style statement. You cannot expect that the dress you are wearing will be liked by everyone in the party. Nowadays dress codes are specified by the host according to the occasion e.g. fancy dress, specific colour dress, traditional etc.

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Dresses are often the same but they are worn in different styles by making small variations in the same dress in different parts of the world. For example the same sari (Indian dress) is modified and worn in a variety of styles according to various traditions in a single country. Also the same dress is worn as a casual daily wear in India while as a special wedding dress in western and some eastern countries.

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As a matter of fact dresses and its wide varieties have now become distinction criteria among people in a society. Wearing a branded dress signifies elite class while a normal common dress depicts that the person belongs to mediocre family. If someone repeatedly wears the same dress, people might start thinking that he is poor, though it was just the matter of feeling comfortable in a dress.

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