Carrie Underwood Hairstyles

Carrie Underwood Hairstyles

From the moment she took part in the American Idol in 2005, it became obvious that Carrie Underwood was going to be a big star and an icon with pretty hair. This Grammy-winning singer is very famous for her long curls even though her shoulder length bob earns her points for sophistication.Carrie Underwood Hairstyles are very famous among women of all ages.

All Carrie Underwood hairstyles look cool and charming. This country music singer and songwriter’s short and razored layers are cut through the sides and back to create an attractive hairstyle. This is a beautiful and fabulous look for a night out.

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The award-winning singer’s layered bob looks gorgeous on her. You can achieve the look by distribute bit of styling mousse on damp hair. Blow-dry by using a big round brush in order to move two inch sections of hair forward, rolling the ends in alternate directions. Then mist a one-inch thick vertical section of hair with styling spray. Avoid the top of the hair and wrap this section around a medium curling rod while you direct the curls in alternate directions. Hold for a few seconds and leave it to set, release and repeat the same process until all hair gets curled. Run fingers through your hair in order to break up the curls and fullness. Mist   hair with hairspray in order to get perfect finish.

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Carrie likes to keep her sophisticated look with shiny curls, sides which are pulled back and a bump which is volumized. Start this look by getting hair dry, combing through the wavy length. Make a side parting and smooth the fringe to the side. Take thick section of your hair from above your ear and push it towards the crown part and use pins in order to secure this section. Mist with Styling Spray for getting shininess and hold.

If you like Carrie Underwood’s blonde locks curly hairstyle, then pull back hair and pin to the head, you can create a beautiful Updo that will make you stand out on any special day or occasion. The bangs of Carrie’s curly hairstyle are smooth to the side in order to compliment her face and complete the hairdo brilliantly.

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Carrie Underwood stunned everyone at the CMA Awards with a curly side ponytail. In order to recreate Carrie’s curly hairstyle, use a curling rod to create loose ringlets. Gather your hair in a ponytail below your ear, leave strands out in front to frame the face. Secure with some elastic band and hairspray.

Carrie Underwood hairstyles to wear for prom add a twist to side bun hairstyle. Spritz at least two-inch section of hair with styling spray and wrap the hair around a curling iron. Hold it in place for a few seconds in order to set the curls. Repeat the same process in alternating direction of the curls until your entire hair get wavy look. You can different try variations of Carrie Underwood hairstyles.



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