Bun Hairstyles that last Long

Bun Hairstyles that last Long

Bun hairstyles look cool with long skirts and evening gowns. Bun hairstyles require more time and budget. The sleek low bun hairstyle also looks amazing. This looks amazing with floor length gowns and long wears. This kind of hairstyle gives you a typical fancy and elegant kind of look. It adds more sophistication to your personality. To get this hairstyle first wash your hair and then form a ponytail at the back of your neck. Tie ponytail and then form a bun. If hair are hard to manage use bobby pins to restore hair. Use more bobby pins and a good hairspray in the end to make it lasting.

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Bun hairstyles often last long if some good hair gels or sprays are used. What about an extra loose low bun hairstyle? If you are a blonde, this would look great with you. Extra loose low bun hairstyle looks amazing with long evening gowns. Use a roller of iron curler to make big loose locks. Take all these hair and form in a ponytail. Next, create a loose and soft bun. Spray with a hair spray. From face, leave some loose locks to give a fancier look to it.

Bun hairstyles can also be formed with a side braid. You will have to make two sections of your hair and then form two braids. Wrap these two braids in form of a ponytail and then create a bun out of them. Use bobby pins and hair spray to restore hair. This kind of hairstyle is perfect for big ear rings. Next is a curly low bun hair style with side partitioning. Comb your hair to form a side partition. Form some ringlets. Wrap those winglets in form of a low cute bun and use bobby pins with that. This gives a very elegant look to your face.

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You can also go for a braided bun high hairstyle. First form your hair into two sections. Use a curler to make short and little locks. After creating locks, don’t brush hair. Just ponytail them and form a bun. You can also use a hair shiner afterwards. One of the easy bun hairstyles is double bun. For this you have to form your hair in form of two buns. First make some locks with a curler and make two buns. Make one on right side and one on left. This kind of hairstyle can also be adopted with two braids and two buns. In the end, put some hairspray and hair shiner to make your look shinier and healthier. Bun hairstyles are suitable for light hair. Bun hairstyles usually add a more elegant and classy look to you face. Bun hairstyles can be used with every form of makeup, but suits more with classic kind of makeover.


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