Braiding Hairstyles are officially are favorite hairstyle this year

Some famous celebrities have been spotted keeping cool with braiding hairstyles. There are many types of braids that can be achieved like side braids, braided buns and double braids. I will share some tips with you on how you can recreate different looks at home. The best part is that you do not require any professional hairstylist.

One word of advice before you start creating braiding hairstyles is that these hairstyles work best on hair which is slightly unclean. Freshly washed hair tends to be more slippery and won’t be able to hold the braid as well as unclean hair. If your hair is very slippery, you can always add spritzes of salt-water spray, available in the market like Aquage Sea Salt Texture Spray that costs around $15.99 or just use plain old hairspray in order to roughen up the texture of hair. It also helps in keeping braids looking sleek and smooth. Other tools you require include rat tail comb, clear elastics and bobby pins preferable the same color as your hair.

Textured hair ladies usually love their braids. They help in stretching your curls and coils while pumping the root volume for wavy haired women. These styles are fun and fearless styles that are in fashion for the past couple seasons. You can do a lot with braids, right? From different splashes of color to some funky twists, find different ways to update your braiding hairstyles.

Braids are one of the easiest styles that can be achieved when we just don’t have enough energy for a simple blow-dry. I am quite sure that our mothers had the same ideas back in our younger days. Braiding hairstyles have a huge cultural significance, according to Ted Gibson who is a celebrity hairstylist and owns a salon.
Gibson explains that in Egypt, braids were worn by only royalty or were reserved for ceremonial purposes for example weddings. In Native America single women wore their hair in braids with accessories like flowers in them to attract a mate, whereas married women wore their hair down.

In European history, women plaited their hair in braids to keep the hair out of their faces while they worked; high society ladies wore their hair in elaborate braids. In Africa, women wore braids in different patterns and designs in order to express their personality. In American culture, braids symbolize youth. These days braiding hairstyles are worn in different ways that are fashionable, sexy and sophisticated. From Hollywood stars to the girl next door, braids are huge these days.

The emergence of braid bars are a part of the culture. Gibson’s owns a Braid Luxe in his Fort Lauderdale salon which is a response for what’s happening in Hollywood and braiding fashion these days. Higher on the head the braided ponytail looks youthful and roughing up the texture of the braid helps in making the braid more fashionable.

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