Beauty, it is one of the most difficult terms to define but the easiest term to understand. What is beauty? Who has it? Where it came from. All of us are beautiful. Beauty is inside everyone. They say; Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. We all know what is beautiful and what is ugly, but we cannot define it why is it beautiful, what are the characteristics and properties that is making that particular thing beautiful. It is just the imagination, understanding, insight and perception of the person.


Beauty has always been a supreme power in our society. It is one of the greatest gifts of God that let us get attracted towards it. In our society these days there are many ways to show that we are beautiful. These days we can classify beauty into two groups; natural beauty and artificial beauty. Natural beauty is the one in which all the things are original and genuinely made by nature. For example; flower has a natural beauty because there is nothing artificial in it.


Artificial beauty is the modification the natural beauty to enhance your look and gain attraction. Make up by women is one of the most common examples. There are many tools and gadgets which modify your look and make you beautiful. Both for men and women there are different stuff available. For example Hairstyling, dressing, makeup, beauty treatments, shoes, accessories.


According to a study it is found that a beautiful and attractive person receives more attention than a careless and not so organized person. If you are an organized and beautiful person you will get an edge that you might get a better job, get more assistance than others, you will be trusted more than others. Similarly it has been noted that most of the people who are beautiful are more confident and intelligent.


We live in such a complex society where image of beauty has been highly commercialized. If you consider yourself not so beautiful; you need to follow some of the fundamental beauty tips. The first and the foremost step is the mental acceptance. Accept yourself the way you are and know that you are beautiful in your own way. Remain healthy and try to develop healthy habits. Eat healthy, use more fruits in your daily diet. Have a balanced diet. Exercise regularly. Consulting a doctor for regular check-ups is not a bad idea. Beauty and health are inter-related. So if you are healthy, it means you are beautiful.


Beauty is considered as the biggest and hottest desire of the fair sex human being. Not only women but also men are attracted to it. Everyone has his own perception of beauty; the point is it should be positive and more biased towards natural things as everyone has been created in the best of manner by the creator.


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