1950’s Hairstyles

1950’s Hairstyles

Watch some old television shows like I Love Lucy and in order to get perfect insight about the 1950s hairstyles.Some women wore their hair short and in big buns .Great films, movie stars, and evolving fashion are just a few of the things 1950s were known for. 1950s style is an example of class and grace, with emphasis on hair and makeup. Women’s hair was long, curled and high maintenance in 50’s whereas men had short, military cuts and hair combed back from the face. 1950’s hairstyles were flawless. Soft curls, pompadour and rolled bangs are three great hair styles of 50’s.

I am personally in love with 1950 hairstyles that are soft and curly rather than straight. Short hair was fine and still considered feminine where as long hair was either tied back in a ponytail during daytime, hair were tied with a pretty chiffon scarf, or put up in a chignon.

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When we think of 1950’s hair styles usually the ponytail comes to mind. Back then hair was pulled back, secured at the base and wrapped with a chiffon scarf. That was the typical look that distinguishes 1950’s hair styles.No one wanted long and straight hair. Today long straight hair is in fashion.Home perm kits helped women avoid the strong, smelly lotion and reduced the hours it took to get the curls.

That meant using rollers and sleeping on the rollers. Blow dryers were not available.By the end of the 1950s poodle cut was made popular. The short hair required a lot of curling and hair spray. As demands for hair spray increased, hair salons became popular with people who were not able to afford the luxury of having their hair done by professionals. It became easier for women to make complex hairstyles. Beehive became popular by the end of the 1950. Hair was backcombed and sprayed heavily to create the height that was required for this style. Heavy use of hair spray would hold the style for a week if it was not touched by a comb.

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Hollywood made the duck tail haircut popular among young men during this time period, most teenage boys wore a crew cut or a flat top hair style. Those who wanted to appear to appear rebellious chose the DA. This style required the use of hair spray or grease to hold the hair. In 1950’s hairstyle, hair was combed straight back on the sides and made into a duck tail by using a rat tail comb.In crew cut, the hair was cut short.This haircut had similarity to the haircut received when joining army.The flat top was different; in this haircut the sides were shaved but the hair on the top of the head was longer creating a flat top. Side bun hairstyle was made popular by Elvis Presley and James Dean.

1950 gave rise to a lot of style icons as far as hairstyles are concerned. A lot of experimentation was done. Even today most of1950’s hairstyles are still in demand.

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